Your weight, responsibility is always mine

‘My legs are crumbling .. waist pain is up .. your weight is always mine Madam ..’ said Young hero Vijay Devarakonda. Why are these words Vijay? Gita Govindham released today is the first look. Vijay is sitting on the wall and sitting on the legs, sitting on the legs is laughing laughing. Commenting on this, Vijay said, commenting on the above.

Geeta Arts is producing this film in the role of Chalo Fame Rashika Mudhana, while Govindam is playing Vijay Devarakonda. Solo fame Parashuram is directing the film and Gopi Sundar is providing music. Vijay is already doing a film on Geetha Arts. The delay in the release of the film due to the graphics works. Vijay is coming to the audience as soon as he is a taxi.

Vijay Deverakonda


Naa kaallu thimmiri ekkina,
Nadumu noppi lechina,
Mee baruvu badhyata eppudu naade madam 🙂

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