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Watsap … A message of social messages in social media. The Union government is unhappy with the Watsap management, which claims to have 25 crore active users in India alone. It was quickly received in response to a single message that included voice calls and video calls, including the ability to share photos, videos and documents with much faster data. Watsap’s reputation has been shattered by the mock murders caused by fake news in several states in the past few months.

The government has already issued two notices to Watsap to find out who is spreading such fake news and rumors by killing 29 of the murders caused by fake news spreads, and that Watsap’s management has already made several changes to its software. The Indian government, along with the Supreme Court of India, has also issued a complaint with the Watsap creator Facebook. The company also sent its chief executive officer Chris Daniels to India to explain the steps taken by the company. He came to India and met Union Minister of Communications Ravi Shankar Prasad. Explained the actions taken by the company. Some suggestions have been received.

Watsap keeps users from sending five messages individually to five people, or five groups, or individuals and groups to send more than five messages. The Watsap Company started campaigning in the radio and TVs last August to share them with the fact that they do not believe in the information in Watsap and do not believe it. The spread of fake news was not just a ‘Watsap’. Other social media, websites, and even some television channels have also panned fake news. Yet, the central government, which did not pay much attention, has focused more on Watsa. Now the Central Communications Department is ready to issue a third notice. It is possible to order the company in the notice that the technology is to be developed in order to know who posted and where the information was posted.

What is the reason behind the central government to leave Watson out of other social media? Where did the Central Government find out the message of code in advance of the notice and where did it come to life? Who posted it Will Watsup develop technology? Is there such knowledge available already? Why not use it What are the science pundits in this regard? What are social scientists? What is privacy Why privacy?The privacy of whom? Is not privacy privacy? Here’s the talk.

Most users in India
On the basis of population, India is number one in the use of Watsap. Whatsapp claims that there are more than 25 crore users in India. But in the last two years, Reliance’s creation of the revolution, the low cost of data access, smart phones being expanded and the popularity of Watsap has grown stronger. Watsap is not the only one that sends message to each other. You can set up a group of 256 people simultaneously. The message we send passes to 256 people in the group at a time. Even if 256 people have at least ten groups of groups, if all of these groups share a message or information, thousands of people will be informed in a few moments. With such speed, the app does not have the easy access to information, videos and documents. That is why the central government has focused on Watsap. However, the company says 25 percent of users are not in any group. That is about 75% of the groups in the group!

Regulatory system for newspapers
“Newspapers, radios, and TV channels have to register according to the laws. There is a system for their control. Their owners are responsible for the fake news of them.Watsap is not a social messaging profiler, “said Nalsar Law University Assistant Professor T. Prashant Reddy said. Now the government wants to know who has uploaded fake news and provocative speeches. Watsap ‘End to End Encrypted’ system. That means the message goes from one user to another. There is no system to decode it in the middle.Hence the WSAP management can not know the user’s message. The company does not have the idea to know the original.

We are very happy because of privacy
“Many users are using Watsap because they believe that sensitive family affairs, medicine, and all the information about bank transactions are kept confidential.Personal privacy may be damaging to the system to detect who sent that information. If that happens, the company has to face international consequences internationally, “a company spokesperson said.

Do not worry about doing the sacrifice
“The governments have no idea how to make cattle sacrifices like Watsap to cause mock killings due to fake news. It’s like rubbing others on their responsibilities. The government and the police are responsible for providing proper protection to the people. To find out who is suspicious in the name of fake news is to try to get into the personal space, “says advocate and advocate Appar Gupta of technical articles.

It is to avoid obligations
“Watsap’s management is no less than it is that they do not have the technology to decode the message and do not think that it’s the way to safeguard users’ privacy.Additional employees are required to monitor users’ information. The company’s idea is to get more benefits with fewer employees. Watsap is not like Facebook or Twitter. It should work under the law. The company is looking for a decoding technology to avoid the responsibilities of the company. As the magazines, TVs and radios come under the law, Watsap should come under the law, “said assistant professor Pratath Reddy. His opinion is that there are two ways that privacy is related to two families and that they are confidential.

Better is the middle
Nikhil Pawwa of Media Nama believes that the introduction of the technology to find only messaging messages without interrupting personal messages will be appropriate.Hanshup Gupta, now head of Fintak Startup, has been working for ‘Vichachat’, a media college assistant professor at the University of Illinois, Harsh Thanjaa, believes that the code should have the technology to know who sent harmful information to society.

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