What’s happening in a 240-story building? ‘Sky Scraper’ to be released in July

The movie ‘Sky Scrapper’ is a leading Hollywood actor, Dwayne Johnson starring in the lead role. Roshan Marshal Thurber is directing the film. The film is about to be released in India on July 20. The film is going to be released in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil and English. Universal Pictures International India is producing this film in India.

In which Dwayne vil Sawyer is a former FBI agent. He serves as a Hostage Rescue Team Leader in FBI and later serves as a security guard for high-rise buildings (Sky Scrappers). Will be appointed as a security guard in ‘The Pearl’, one of the world’s largest buildings in China. The building has 240 floors. Will then goes to China with his family. But in the building there is a flame. The fire has been fired and Will Sai will take the blame. This is why he wants to find out who the original person is to erase the stamp on him. What did he do? That’s the story.

Neve Campbell, Chin Han, Nova Taylor, Roland Moller, Byron Man, Pablo, Hanna and others played important roles.

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