Whats aap is another add-on best feature

On YouTube, Facebook has a good video or movie. Just do the video .. Pass the video .. Watsap will open and reply. Please open the Youtube again and watch the video watching. It’s a situation so far. This is not the case for the same iPhone users. They enjoy watching videos and chat in Watsap. But Android users do not have this convenience. But in future it is going to be Watsap executives.

That’s why Android users have made this amazing feature available to Watsap. In the name of ‘Picture in Picture’, the neo feature came to Watsap. With this feature, allowing users to have a fantastic opportunity to watch videos in a special window, rather than redirecting to another app. Third party apps like YouTube, Face Book, and Stagram videos can be played in Watsap, while chatting with others. But only those who have upgraded to Watsap version 2.18.380 on PlayStore can use this feature. Group chat and single chats also support this feature, said Watsap officials.

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