Whats aap and Jio is now one because?

The popular messaging medium of Facebook is Watsap and Reliance Geo, which is in the telecom market. These two companies are now working together to spread fake news in India. Reliance Geo, which allows the chat app on Geophone 2, Geophone 2, also runs awareness programs without spreading fake messages and rumors. Watsap also provides educational material for new users of Geophone. How do I locate the forward Watsap messages? And the sharing of necessary messages.

Watsap organizes this Educational Campaign, providing awareness on preventing counterfeit messages. Watsap spokesman Carl Waugh said that they are working with Geo and continue their Education Campaign. Over 30 people were killed and masked by the fake messages spread by Watsap, social media. The police said that some tribals were targeted by minorities in rural areas by Watsap. The Central Government has directed the company to take immediate steps to wipe out fake messages. As part of this, Watsap takes on print, radio ad campaigns, new features in the app, and sharing with the Digital Empowerment Foundation.

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