Viral on Player Frustration at Tennis Court

  • The tennis star hit the rocket

Germany’s tennis star, fourth seed Alexander Juwarev, showed his frustration on the ground. He hit the tennis racket eight times in the face of all the hardships. He saw the worst grave of the sixth seed Milos Rawnich (Canada), ranked higher than him. He staged his anger on the rocket. In the men’s singles pre-quarterfinals of the Australian Open, Juarev lost to Milos Ravnich 1-6, 1-6, 6 (5) -7 in the men’s singles. Canada’s star has not given a chance to compete in the third set of Juwarev’s third set in a two-hour match.

Jwerao, who won the ATP World Tour-2018 title, failed to get a Grand Slam title again. The Germans failed to reach the 14th quarter finals in 15 Grand Slams. With this frustration, he broke his racket and repeatedly hit him. This video is currently doing Hulkal. After the match, Juwarev told the media that he had been angry at that time and that he had put out his frustration to keep it under control. He said he played very badly, and in the first two sets, his game was worse. He believes his opponent is better than he is.

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