Time Management Tool on Facebook

We are in the dock where the social media is up to the end of the night and the night sleeps. Without the slightest difference , the number of people who stick to platforms such as Facebook, Watsap and Twitter are not the least. On the same occasion there is no one who wants to get out of this social media mania. Famous social media giant Facebook offers a good opportunity for them. The same is ‘Your Time’ feature. By this feature you can find out how much time you spend on Facebook and in the Instagram. Facebook also reveals that we can control ourselves like alarm.

Do you think this time should be reduced? However, the new feature in Facebook is very useful for those people.

The new update, which shows how much time is spent on the day, is brought to the instagram along with Facebook. You can see the time you spent on a daily basis. You can control the time you spend on Facebook by alerting on time. Setting up settings to stop notifications after a certain limit.

But the argument that it is useful is also coming up. Tech experts are questioning how short of a notification is that when it opens Facebook, it will determine how much time is spent in this order.

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