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  • Dale Steyn on another record
  • This South African fast bowler is a birthday today

The list of all time Greatest Fast Bowlers is followed by Vasim Akram in the list of cricket scholars as South African Speedden Dale Steyn. Steyn, who has been bolstered by his fast bowling, is set to reach 35 on June 27. Steyn made his Test debut against England in 2004, setting up a special place in the history of cricket, in the team. Steyn has received a lot of records in 14 years of cricket career. In the meantime, it is difficult to keep the bowling distance out of the squad and not the bowling speed. How many guys have come into the team, the stain is separate.

The speedster, who has crossed several milestones in cricket career, has made three more Test wickets to be the highest Test score by South Africa. So far, South Africa has the highest number of wickets (421) in Test cricket, named Shawn Pollock. The fans are hoping that the stain will repeat this record in the two Tests against Sri Lanka.

Dale Steyn was named after ‘Target 100 Tests, 500 Wickets, 2019 World Cup’ after being selected for the Test series against Sri Lanka. It is clear that he will continue to play cricket until his goal is completed. The protein bowler said that the targets he had missed would not be a barrier, but the team would return to the squad with more excitement when the team was injured.

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