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Another hero from the Chiranjeevi family is entering the industry. Chiranjeevi’s nephew, Saidaram Tej’s younger brother Vaishnav Tej is getting introduced as hero. Suthuram assistant Buchi Babu Sana will be directing this movie which will be produced by Maitrey movie makers and Sukumar Writings banners. The opening ceremony was held in Hyderabad. Allu Aravind’s camera switched to hero heroines Vaishnav Tez and Manish Raj, and Chiranjeevi gave the clap.

Naga Babu and Allu Arjun were given the script. The shooting will start from the first week of March. Chiranjeevi, who was the chief guest at the inauguration, said, “Everyone knows about Maitre Movies and the success of the company. I appreciate Sukumar for encouraging new people through Sukumar Writings. Sukumar and Maitrey have been associated with ‘Rangasantham’.

Good luck to Vaishnav. I wish Vishnu to take advantage of this opportunity. Buchi Babu wrote a new story. Sukumar told me that Buchi Babu played a role in ‘Rangazhalam’ story talks. “When Sukumar is also part of this project, I think this movie will be different. Congratulations to Vaishnav and Manisha. Maitrey Movies is a production company.

Devisri has also done this film Stamina, “Allu Arvind said. ” Buchi Babu wrote a wonderful story. My disciple is proud to do this movie. This story originated for Vaishnav. While writing the story, Vaishnav hero has become a fox. Thirsty for Maitrey. They are producing bigger movies and making small films. Thanks to Devisri Prasad. Vaishnav has a good future. The reason for the story is so great that Chiranjeevi.

He has given many infections, “said Sukumar. “The story has come out pretty awesome. Hero and heroine are well suited for the film, “said producer Naveen Yarneni. “Sukumar is a little word to say thank you. My parents believe me and Chiranjeevi. The film is new. Thanks to producers, Devisri Prasadagari is the director, “said director Buchi Babu. The program included Saidhiram Tej, Varun Tej, Nihari, Devisri Prasad, and Vishnu Tee’s parents.

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