This is expensive smartphone than iPhone Ex

 So far the most expensive phone in the smartphone market We can say that the iPhone is X. With a price tag of more than Rs 1 lakh, customers have emerged as the most expensive smartphone in India. However, the latest iPhone is priced higher than the price of the iPhone . The South Korean tech giant LG has launched the latest premium smartphone in its signature series. LG’s Signature edition (2018) was brought to the LG market as a succeeder for LG’s Signature Edition last year.

The smartphone in white and black colors is 1,999,800, according to the domestic currency at Rs 1,22,820. IPhone X Price is Rs 1,02,425. LG’s Signature Edition (2018) is more expensive than iPhone X. The pre-orders of this smartphone are starting from today. Elg Signature edition 2018, was created with premium material like zirconium poragani. It protects from scratch without any scratches. Customers can also carve their names on the device.

LG’s Signature Edition 2018 Features …
6 inch QHD plus a wallet display
Protection with Corning Gorillo Glass
Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor
Android 8.0 ORIO operating system
6 GB RAM, 256 GB internal storage
Expanding memory up to 2 TB
On the back are two cameras with 16 megapixel sensors
8 MP cellphone camera
3,300 mAh battery
Wireless charging support

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