The sector is ready for a huge penalty for telecom giants

The telecom regulator Authority of India (TROI) has completed its final workshops to shore telecom operators in the country. The steps to finalize a penalty for companies that violated the Caldera regulations have reached the final stage. The latest caldera regulations are ready to fine the operators in the March quarter. Troy has revealed that two quota estimates have been completed since the introduction of the new regulations. Troy chairman RS Sharma told PTI that there was a penalty in January-March quarter. Showcause notices have been issued to their respective companies.They have to answer in 21 days. But we do not think the names of operators should be disclosed.

Industry director Kai Director General Rajan Mathews said Troy’s new network Quality Service (QoS) regulations are the world’s toughest and invest in the industry to ensure that the telecom operators are in accordance with the rules. In the December quarter, some operators have complained of a number of complaints against operators.Matthews said that major operators believe that they are providing services in accordance with the new provisions.

Troy also released guidelines for telecom network companies to prevent call drops.Since October 1, 2017, the tire rules have been tightened on the quality of service of telecom operators. Directors who do not meet the standards set by Troy for 9 months in a row will be fined up to Rs 10 lakh. According to Troy, it will be penalized from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh in accordance with the network. Even though the call was cut, it is known that the radio linkage technology (RLL), which is alleged to have been using telecom operators,

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