The green signal for the new film is the heroine Shruthihasan

The green signal for the new film is the heroine Shruthihasan. But not the heroine.Producer. But after the film was completed, he became the producer. Sounds strange. In the case of Isidro Productions banner ‘lens’, Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan’s Tamil film ‘The Musiko Philosophy’ Shruti is the producer of this film. The music director and the heroine of Suhrithi are now going to be a producer.

“We want to introduce interesting and different content movies to the auditors through Isidro Productions. We believe that ‘The Musiko Philosophy’ is such a film. It is a pleasure to become associate with Jayaprakash who has done a good film like ‘lens’. His Story Telling is new, “said Shruti Haasan. The movie is also poster of the movie. The poster is ‘No Script … No Retreat’. Filmmaker Jayaprakash said, “The producers want to give the films close to reality to the Audience.

Thus, the movie is the film that connects the audience to the good content with ‘The Maskito Philosophy’. The film is about four friends in Tradition and Modernity Backdrop.Scripted without dialogues, “he said. He said, ” Sure (actress, Shruti Haasan’s mother) told me about this film with Madam. After that, Shruti Haasan came into the Isidro Media Movie Board. I am very happy to believe in my talent and success. “

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