The city that stole my mind: Nabha Natesh

Nabha Natesh .. maybe even a little known name. But, it’s me that exploits me. With regard to the actress who came to Tollywood from Kannada film industry, she is associated with Hyderabad. Many of her friends here said she came to the city with the New Year’s anniversary. What else are you saying …
Not for movies ..
Before coming to the Telugu film industry I came to Hyderabad several times. I have many friends here. Best friends too. Hyderabad is one of my favorite cities.
The greatness of the people here
The mind of Hyderabad people is very clean. I see the spirit and support I have seen before coming into the movies. Helpling Nature is a great feature of everyone here.
Lad Bazaar bangles to Mother
Charminar liked it very much. In the past, when we arrived here, we had to take a glass of lambs in Lodbazar. There is shopping amazing. Ramadan is suffering from not having night shopping in time. Miss this time.

For that evening …
Food in the City is my favorite food. Ramadan looked forward to the evening in the evening for Halim. Tasted from the pistol house many times. That taste is awesome.
Go all over …
Coffee shops are now pubescent. Even if I want a place to hang out with friends, I’m going to all of them.
There is no big difference between the two ..
By nightlife, there was no big difference between Hyderabad and Bangalore. Both IT centers and people of different regions are found. Both parties will be enjoyable at both parties. However, the weather here is hotter than Bangalore.
Movies currently doing
‘Aadgo’ will be released shortly. Some other films are in discussion.
My best memory ..
There are a lot of memorabilia in Hyderabad. Twice to New Year celebrations is more memorable. I came from Bangalore for friends. I can not say where I’ve been celebrating but enjoyed it very well.

So Much Love ..
People in Hyderabad are very much in love with me. I want to see that love as well.
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