Teenage girl to go for Mars

 When you look at the sky with the bright colors of the stars, all the children say, ‘Abba! So that’s going to go back and get back. ‘ As long as they grow up, it becomes a beautiful dream. It’s not a dream to leave our Alissa Carson. A dream that’s really real. Alyssa Carson of Lujiana in the US is ready for the first human trip to Mars. In 2033 NASA arranges for human astronauts to move to Mars. Alisa has been trained in NASA since then to participate in the tour. That means that she was trained from NASA since her childhood.

NASA had a training camp in the United States in order to educate the students of the school. So far, there is no one camp that can be understood as much of her passion for space travels. So she was with NASA scientists through camps. NASA is attending training before the age is finally reached. According to NASA rules, they can not be included in the age of 18. 17-year-old Alyssa was forced to join. So NASA is dealing with a code labeled ‘blueberry’ without mentioning her name and age.

Alice has a reason to like the space travel, especially on Mars. The cartoon series that ran the Nickelodeon series with the title ‘Backyardigans’ was a short time. The episode includes ‘Mission to Mars’. All of them together go to the hypothetical Mars. That’s why he really wanted to go on a space trip. As soon as it is little, dreams of becoming an astronaut. Now she really got the chance. She said in a recent interview to ‘Teen Yog’ that she wanted to become a teacher or a president in life, but it is a goal to be fulfilled after going to Mars.

Alyssa is taking the basic training required for the astronaut. Land is being trained in a non-gravitational vacuum, and for longer periods in water. On her Aryan spacecraft she goes to Mars. The current technology takes six months to go to Mars. She said she would spend more than a year on Mars. There are no resources. Is the original water shadow, the existence of the existence of the creature? Can humans survive there?They said they will study the issues. Alyssa, which is getting ready for space travel, is going to go to the space laboratory in Odessa. It is going to be the first teenager to go there. The first teenager trained on Mars was also Alison, but she was 32 years old when she left for the trip.

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