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Leading actor and politician Kamal Haasan has suffered a bitter experience in Twitter.Netizons are doing a series of tweets by tarnishing the impression expressed by Kamal about the caste system. Aslam said that a fan of Kamal has questioned your opinion on the caste system in a Twitter conversation with fans recently. Instead, when asked to fill my two daughters in school, I was opposed to asking for the caste and religion. Such a perspective is the future generations of my family. Every one of these decisions will make it a few days after the caste system will gradually die out. Kerala is doing the same way, “Kamal tweeted.

Kamal’s eldest daughter, prominent heroine Aristhi Hassan has posted a video clip of the interview. In that interview, he said ‘Iyengar’ is a social group. The video is being viral and the netizens make a series of tweets by tapping Kamal.

“Your opinion is that the caste system will not be lost because of the culpability of the caste in the school apparatus is wrong. Start the community reform program from your home. Oeti Nitin has been criticized for having a change in the desire of the caste before the caste, without the knowledge of any of the caste people. “Another columnist tweeted:” You can not fill the column for the caste but tell you what your social identity has been publicly stated by your daughter. “

Kamal Haasan


I refused to fill in the caste&religion column in both my daughters’ school admission certificate.That’s the only way,it will pass on to the next generation.Every individual shld start contributing fr progress.Kerala started implementing the same.Those who do shld be celebrated


#AskKamalHaasan .Sir, how would you take caste to the next generation? Will it be optional for school and college admissions?

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