‘Santro’ re entry on 23rd of this month

  • 11,100 offer for first 50,000 customers
  • Online pre-bookings between October 10 and 22

 Very soon, ‘Hyundai Santro’ is going to re-enter the market again. Hyundai Motors India (HMIL), which announced the introduction of the newest Santro in the world on October 23, has announced that it will be available in India later this month.The pre-bookings continue on October 10 (Wednesday) to 22. The first 50,000 customers will be able to book at 11,100 Kg for first 50,000 customers, said CEO YK Koo.

Speaking on this occasion he said, “After a four-year break we are going on again in the mid-compact segment. About Rs.740 crore has been invested for this project in the last three years. For the first time we are looking for car buyers, rural areas, tire to and three town customers. We are also exporting sundara cars that are produced in India from February to next year.

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