Risk of throwing industry that day

It was a rare event in the history of one of the 272 passengers, except for the smallest injuries in the airbase! Truly godfear !! On that day traveling on the plane are common people, heroes, heroines, heroines and technicians of the Telugu film industry. If there are millions of people who think that life is in danger … Sounds hard to guess!

On November 19, 1993, Indian Airlines flight 440 Airbus departed to Hyderabad for six hours and six minutes from the Madras Airport. The cockpit is a senior pilot Captain Bhalla, co-pilot atro. The plane that day, Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna, Shanti, malasri, spin ramalingayya couple, Comedian Sudhakar, Costumes, dark, director Babu, Kodi Ramakrishna, SV Krishna Reddy, UPPALAPATI Narayana, writers Paruchuri Venkateswara, endisundaram, producers kesisekharbabu, katragadda Prasad , Rasi Movies Narsimha Rao, choreographer Suchitra, Fight Master Super Subbarayana , Cinematographers keeshari, anumolu Hari, Chiranjeevi mekapman Shiva … and most of the personnel were traveling technicians.
With a high percentage of the cinema being cinematic, the weather has become breezy with jackals and jokes. The flight took place in Madras at about six o’clock in the morning. Shortly afterward, many of the passengers were sleeping. By seven o’clock the airport reached Begumpet Airport. The airhusters informed the passengers that the runway was not visible because the passengers were in the airport as the passengers were getting down and he was going back to Madras again. Many people thought ‘oops’. But in the absence of doing nothing, again in Kabir. Some time later it was time to go back to sleep again. Chiranjeevi and Vijayasanthyalavi are in the first row. His younger daughter Srira sat in Chiranjeevi. Chiranjeevi is talking about her. Balakrishna is also talking to his children.

Soon the co-pilot out of the cockpit came out. Talked with the airhostess. Both look in windows and look around. Kangaroo stands in their faces. Something happened to Chiranjeevi. The officer was asked if there was anything nearby. He said that the technical problem was coming.The man is also calm. Santi with immediate success Something is going on. The plane is not going to Madras. The weather is negative, “said Chiranjeevi. Even then there are not many situations in which the flight is taking place. Madras is in the sense that he is going back.Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna and others in the airplane are aware of the fact that the aircraft wings are not fully understood. The cost is more expensive because the wings do not break. What would the pilot do if the fuel needed to reach the destination? What’s going on Is this the last trip for all of them? Those who are sleeping have also blamed them for the rest of them.
Sleeping has left sleeping. Captain Bhalla announced that landing after emergent landing was an emergency landing. The plane immediately hit the ground and rushed too far. At that speed the plane was flipping. Horrors began to emerge when the suitcases on the fly fell on the passengers. Air Hostesses and Air crews were opened to open the door in the green fields of Balaji Pillai village, about 27 km from Venkatagiri, Nellore district, but did not open immediately.Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna went to the door and opened the door.
The mudflat came into the plane with land in the fields. Passing in the mud, the passengers jumped down. Everywhere in the depth of the knees, half a kilometer away, all came to the safe area. It was so easy for a few hours to fly into the air. Captain RP who saved 272 passengers on the night of November 16. The Bhalla Group was honored by film personalities at the Chola Sheraton Hotel in Madras.
Life in all eyes. Some people started to beat. It is worth noting how long the idea of ​​’dying in a few minutes’ is a characteristic. . Chiranjeevi and Balakrishna are stubborn and courageous fellow travelers.
Life is known
“At the time of the incident, I had a video camera and shot all the scenes. In the morning, Mohan Babu telephoned him and said, ‘Shirdi Sai Baba was blessed with blessings. There is a flail crash in that area and we will hear that there is an accident. But we’re afraid of what’s happening right away. At that moment what was the value of life.
If we were in shock, our children were not even a bit shy. As soon as the flight came out, ‘Nanna .. Madras is going to say .. Kulu-Manali what’s there?’ I do not know what to say.Everybody is flying from the fly and ‘once again going into the plane, Daddy,’ said Tejaswini. We are so happy that children are not afraid of such an environment. I, Mrs., see the children coming down safely, ‘hammya’ brother brother Chiranjeevi. When I got down, I was very close to the moisture-filled eyes. Two minutes remained.

Truly he is God!
“Captain Bhalla, who has saved everyone from saying” this is happening “. He declared that only ‘eerie landing’ was done only a few seconds before landing in crop fields. It’s very good to do so. Otherwise the heart stops and how many people die! After the plane landed, I had no idea that there was no danger. In such a shock. Not me but the rest of the rest of it. We are in the fields till the afternoon. Fan of the fans, the Venkateswara Swamy’s blessings stay home safe.
Vijaya Shanti
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