Prabhas finally responded on roumors

National media is also interested in the marriage of young Rebelstar Prabhas , Darling is busy with movies for posting the marriage for the last few years and fans are waiting to make at least one of them. There are stories in the media that Prabhas is married to Anushka. However, Anushka has dismissed the news as ‘a good friend only’. However, some continue to keep the rumors.

Prabhas is now responding to the news. ‘Marriage is completely my personal matter. I do not want to talk about that. Prabhas replied, “I will definitely tell my fans when it comes to the forehead.” In a magazine interview, Prabhas has published this article.Meanwhile, Sahu is currently shooting for Prabhas Sujit’s direction. Bollywood beauty Sathradakapur is the heroine of this year and next year the audience will come forward.

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