Phones for blind pepoles

  • Troy recommendations provide them with the benefits of technology

Telecom regulator TRAI hopes that the benefits of technology should be made available to all the citizens of the country. As a part of this, a number of recommendations have been made to the central government. Technologies are available for everyone in the community, including diagnoses if the center approves. Troy has begun talks with industry since December to identify the problems faced by the use of telecom and brandband services. Consider the recommendations ..

♦ All mobile handsets that make up to five or more models must be brought to the market by at least one handset that can be easily deployed by 2020.
♦ In this case TV set-top box manufacturers or importers must have at least one model suitable for accessibility standards.
♦ In India, mobile phones manufactured or imported from 2023 to landlines should be in all accessible format. The same rule applies to set-top boxes.
♦ Telecom, brandcast operators should have specialized desks to handle calls in their call centers.
♦ All government websites must be converted to accessibility standards.
♦ All the standards created by the International Telecommunication Union should also be made available in India.
♦ The government should direct the handset manufacturers without removing accessibility features in the leading operating systems.
♦ Telecom operators identify the rewires under a special category and make necessary changes in customer aviation forms.
♦ Pre-Recording Voice Command facility for key features in mobile handsets, such as audio or voice intrusion with user interface via Gripps, voice diving / third party apps for better stability. When landline comes in, you have to have a large button with phones, voice controlled calling, programmable diler and connecting with a braille reader.

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