Pawan’s role act to megastar

First he is. Brother named No Chance. Now say Anna. Is the older brother ‘sirra The same dilema is the hero and director of the same!
Mega heroes … Now this tag is applied to most people. All the heroes are becoming famous as Mega heroes, as they come from Naga Babu and Varuntez in the cheetah. However, the number of stars from the Mega compound is the next point of the nickrack povan de! There are not too many doubts. So, a young director wanted Pawan to play a crucial role. Now that it is not possible, it is now in the thought of embracing Chiranjeevi.The reason is that Pawan does not have a special role that is highlighted for a very simple film, but it is still a highlight that Chiranjeevi might be better yet.

Chiranjeevi’s nephew, Supermar Star Saidhiram Tej is excited to be filming Nirmala. However, director Dolly will be playing a key role in the film. The roll routine is not a guest role that is about 30 minutes. That’s why Director Dali felt the power star would be the big plus point for the film. Hero Sadi Dharam Tej also reported that he wanted to be in the film if he was a good uncle. But all this is a leak to the media and directing a press note. He has no idea that he is now politics, Director Dhali, producer Ram Thalloori is a bit disappointed with this evolution.
Pawan Kalyan has been in the political struggle and so has been restructured. But he can not stop the project with his decision! So, instead of the power star, MegaStar is supposed to be a project director and producer. Chiranjeevi is expected to accept a guest role so as to be a nephew. However, it is not even Ashmashaim to make a smile.
He is currently doing the film ‘Siri’, which is full busy. After that, the projects are now being judged. Will you play key roles in another movie on such ticket schedules? All the Gossips is going through this Mega Movie affair in the case of the Sangamatano. Will this project be the original workout? Going on sets Or not? Clarity has to come. Let’s see what happens.
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