One of the legendary smartphones is coming soon

  • Shawkeye Shakey: OnePlus Smart TVs
  • The possibility of launch in May 2019

smartphone smartphone company in China in the field of his own style, speed vanplas   TV adugupettanundi field. Last September 14th, the SmartBevey will come from the company, said OnePlus CEO Pete Lou. There was no news about TV after that.

Lau said the TV would be released in the market in mid-2019. The next year, the cricket World Cup is expected to be released in May. But the exact date has not been determined because we are determined to make a product of the level.

Amazon vice president Amit Aggarwal said, “Like one-plus mobiles, TV sales will be available through Amazon. Information on making the TV to connect with OnePlus Mobile. The Amazon Prime Service will provide an opportunity to watch movies and shows. Observers believe that the arrival of OnePlus SmartTV is a serious blow to the Shaw Theme .

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