Once again the ‘Ball Tampering’ stunned

Once again the ‘Ball Tampering’ stunned. This time the allegation that Sri Lankan ball changed shape on the West Indies. The International Cricket Council (ICC) responded on Twitter. Lanka captain Chandimal has revealed that the ICC violated the Code of Conduct and lodged a complaint against ‘Ball Troubling’ on Level 2.2.9. In the last session of the game (on the second day), Chandimal pulled his left pocket and cut the pieces of the ball on the ball as shown in the footage of the video footage. On the other hand, Chandimal dismissed allegations that he was involved in ball tampering.

The strictest attitude is now: The ICC hinted that it should no longer be strict action against ball tampering. The final meeting will be discussed at the annual meeting next month. Level 2 to level 3 from these levels of violations. If the offense is level 3, the player will have four tests, or 8 banned on the one-year ban.

Mendis, who supported Lanka
In the second Test against West Indies, Kulath Mendis (85 batting) helped Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka, who continued their second innings with an overnight score of 34/1, lost four wickets for 48 in one stage. Mendis and captain Chandimal (39) added 117 runs for the fifth wicket. Sri Lanka made 194 for 5 wickets in the final.

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