NTR is the person who has the capability to match the grandfather’s name

‘Aravinda Samata’ Movie recently is running Release Successful. The box office receives the rainfall.Everyone who played the film got good talk. Today (Sunday) ‘Aravind Samata’ Success Meet was held in Hyderabad.
Trivikram, director of ‘Aravind Samata’, said, ” To complete this film .. in four days to get over Rs 100 crore NTR. There are no original fights in the film.Everything is emotional scene. Ram Laxman’s Action Directors Thanks to NTR, which is a fairytale film that can not accept the film. This film is very important for me, the most important friend, Chalabugari. I was the first cricketer. Jagapathi Babu, Naveen Chandra and Sunil have signed up for the film. We’re talking about women’s reservation, but it’s the same for us. Is it hard to rule the ruling? And gave an acceptable measure to everyone.

No matter what you say about Pooja Hegde. Tarak Gare from the beginning, middle and end of this movie. We look like a very strong actor. Their grandfather’s name is not standing. The person with the ability to match it. My favorite hero is NTR. I do not like to compare anyone with him. Because it’s my selfishness. NTR is a person who has similarities, such as timeliness, honesty, straightforwardness and lack of needlessness. Hiding in a big tragedy like dying of my father .. He did not show it to us. ‘Trust me and take the film .. Do not think about the result.’ That’s why I am in the NTR account.
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