No Lights Off in Theaters!

  • Samsung develops the Onix LED LCD screens
  • PVR, agreement with Inox; One screen price is Rs 5 crore
  • Now in Delhi and Mumbai, it will soon begin in other cities
  • Set up 20 screens per year; 50 percent market share
  • Samsung India Vice President Puneet Sethi with ‘Sakshi Business Bureau’

 A new era began in the film industry. The lights do not need to stop watching the movie in the theater. The South Korean electronic giant Samsung has developed LEDs in the name of ‘Onyx’. The first available LED screens available in countries like America, Mexico, and China have been released in India. Multiplex operator Ainaks launched a ‘Onix LED Screen’ in Mumbai on Wednesday with the leagues. Speaking to reporters here, Samsung India Consumer Electronics said that business venture Punit Sethi had a ‘business bureau’. More details in his words

Earlier in the year, we launched the first LDD based film screen in Korea. Currently there are 26 screens in countries like China, Malaysia, Mexico and Thailand. In August of this year, we signed the first Onix LED screen at PVR Icon in Vasant Kunj in Delhi with PVR. This is the first screen certified by the Digital Cinema Initiative (DCI). In January next year, we will start a second screen at Phoenix Mall in Mumbai. With the latest inauguration, we launched the LDC screen in Inurbid Mall in Mumbai.

There are 20 screens per year ..
Apart from PVR, we have signed two more screens and a screen with the Ainax. The goal is to bring 20 screens available by the end of this year. For this we are consulted with other multiplex chains. A Nix LED screens will be extended to Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai based on the audience response.

Onyx specializing in ..
Onyx LED Screen is special? The projector does not need the projector. The cinematic content takes directly from the server to the LED screen. The toy is 10 times clear on the onyx than on the screen. Onyx is visually compatible with three categories of sound, three and three sound. This makes it clear that the screen shows the images on mobile and TV screens. Even with lighting in the theater with three technologies, the film can be clearly seen. The theater is sounding waves on all sides .. No matter where the theater is sitting, the sound is on the one hand and is clearly visible on all sides.

The price of Rs 5 crore
will go from normal screen to onyx LED screen for 6-8 weeks. Currently available in 5, 10, 14 meters screens. The prices are priced at Rs.4-5 crore depending on the screen size. According to the 6 WW Research, the digital screens market will reach $ 874 million by 2022. Currently, Samsung has a 50% market share in digital screens business in our country. Digital signage business is growing at 20% annually.

There are over 40 inos screens in Hyderabad
Multiplex operator Ainaks leagres are planning to launch 40 new screens in Hyderabad next year. At present, 11 screens are available in the city and Ainak Leisure CEO Alok Tandon told the ‘Sakshi Business Bureau’ that the inaux screens will be opened in the secondary and tertiary cities. At present, the country has 542 screens in 137 cities with 137 multiplexes. In the next two years, an additional Rs.1,500 crore invested in an additional 850 screens have been signed. “This is the reason for luxury, service, technology and similar inequity. In 2012, luxury projector screens have entered the field with digitalization. After that, we have brought services like Food App, Kiosk Tickets. The latest onyx LED screens are available. Onyx LED screens are based in Mumbai with Delhi, Bangalore,

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