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Rithika Singh .. This name is familiar to Cine fans but not Famous. It has a reason. It’s a bit harder to be one of the most beautiful actresses in the world of exotic films. Ritika Singh, who has not yet gained attention on beauty in the newcomers, is now getting a chance to improve his beauty. How did he come out of the cinema himself? How do I get opportunities here? In her words …
The reason for the failure of the cinematic games?
Since I am practicing since childhood, I know very well how to break the opponent in the ring.This field is completely new when it comes to silverware. Tension is common to anyone when entering the new field. This is what happened to me too. Now I have fully understood the situation here. I am confident that the successes will get good success.
Does not dubbing in Telugu? Does not language seem bothering?
In the course of ‘Guru’, I have become accustomed to understanding Telugu words and small words. Then I learned more about the language. Directors wanted me to do my dubbing for my role in ‘Nevevaro’. Encouraged to be nice. Everyone appreciated my voice on the screen!

How did you come to acting as a boxing player?
Rajkumar Hirani and Madhavankar have seen my posters in the Super Fight League (mixed martial arts) and call me ‘Sala Khadus’ auditions. At that time I did not know anything about acting. But let me believe that I will succeed in that role. I did not know anything except fighting, I learned many things from actinamani acting. That movie changed my life. I am competing against peers to act against rivals in the ring.
Why did you feel boxing? Did you learn this by yourself?
Our Father karate kickboxing is very fond of. He teaches about 200 people every year. My brother, Rohan, also taught karate from childhood. Next kickboxing. Our Father was very hard on me. Late ones. It is just that. Diet also. Every day, it was tired of eating salads. Okay, chat, fastfood is nothing. In fact, the athletes’ lifestyle follow is very difficult. But when my life was about to feel frustrated, then all the frustration and disgust was gone. From childhood, fighting has begun. Our mother was scared. What are these files for girls? Gonna give up. Not only our Madras, but also our relatives who criticize most people. When I started winning these fields, their mouths were closed. Now our mother is happy too!
The unforgettable experience in this field?
All of the shooting of ‘Sala Khadus’ was done in a small haze in the slum. First time seemed very trouble. Shooting started in the new, shooting from the shooting. But I’m not a fighter or an actor. Yet, I believe and trusted me. I do not want to spoil their trust. Hard work done. I got the result of hard work. The film was awarded at the National level. The award for the first film is very great for me. I can never forget the happiness that I enjoyed then.

Do you have the rules that you put in this field?
After the first film came to know about the situation here. It’s glamor world. To the outer world, the situation here is very different. Is. The beauty of the beauty, glamor is common here. This is no exception. I do not mind to look beautiful. But it is against exposure, “said Rithika.
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