Looking at those scenes in the simulation, I’m shocked: Pranitha

Some of the heroines are super hit films Super Duper. But that success does not reach their account. It also gets good recognition among the audience. But the star heroine can not be. Pranitha Subhash belongs to this right. The star heroine has been doing well for nearly eight years since he was a star heroine.Even after doing movies, the silverware is never far away
Why are you crazy about Telugu cinema?
I have never been to Tollywood. It is true that some gap comes just as I like the characters I like! After the film ‘Brahmotsavam’, Kollywood and Sandilwood films are willing to be banned with my films. Now I am doing hero hello in ‘Hello Guru Love’.
Whoever comes along with you, why do you come back if you come to your back?
I can not tell you when I hear the story. I will ask for some time to make a decision. Some people say that they decide. That’s not me. Most of these films had to be dropped.
How true are you to focus on businesses rather than movies?
Now new businesses are not started. Many years have come into business.Initially I dropped some films so that I could focus on them. Now all of them come to otay. I can not run well. Now I look at the movies. We also have a responsibility to take care of the hospital’s apartments, not businesses.
Do you agree with the heroines in the movies?
Something is true for a hundred. The director of the heroines should do so unless it has its own choices or opinions. Sometimes it looks like the scenes after shooting. But there is nothing to do. I am acting as a Naxalite wife in a movie. Seeman is in the slope. After all, Sainu came to the objection. But there is no value for my opinion. That’s what happened in the past. I do not know about the others. The original heroine is coming to the movies and dancing films. How many of the roles that the actress seeks to uncover? How many heroines are getting opportunities to perform? Lady oriented films are rarely coming.
Looking for cast caching now?
I do not think so. Many are in this area. There is no proper justice for the victims. Many people do not get out of the way. Some are speaking out and they are not too big for them. Let’s dare to come up and give the opportunity to compile these things.
Why do not you do many things if you do not?
In the north of the ITGs are honored with honor. But here it is not. Biggrade, is considered as the cigarette artists. Now it’s changing the viewpoint of Ithengangs in the South. ITunesongers are enjoying the If it comes to me … nobody asks me. Then I’ll ask.
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