LG LPG, which makes up 16 lenses

Nokia has released its mobile phone ranging from Nokia’s budget to high end of the Indian market. The Nokia 9 PureView will be released shortly with five rear cameras. A few days ago, Samsung released the Galaxy A9 with four rear cameras. Smartphone manufacturers are trying to make these cameras stronger. According to the Dutch website Letsgos Digital, LCD 16 lenses are made by a foldable phone. ElG Patent Rights took on this feature, which features the lens in Matrix format.

The photo is removed from all the lens set up on this phone, where it will introduce the option to remove the parts of the phato that are captured by the specified lens. The website also reveals that the featured merge with another photocopy can be part of the photo taken through these lenses. There is also a possibility of touchpad on the back side of the mobile. This phone is made up of the features that are needed for photographers. Not only that, but also information about the speaker in phone backpack.

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