Let me go to Burkha without any recognition: Actress Archana

Same Telugu girl Archana. Born in Hyderabad! Archana, Tamil and Kannada film seals, who have shown their mark in Tollywood as a Telugu actress, are also in Bollywood. He grew up with the development of Hyderabad. Ramzan explained that the nightly shopping amaze in Charminar ..
Born and raised in Hyderabad! Srinagar colony is the most likely holiday in Jubilee Hills. Study in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is in Graduation in Saint Francis. My relationship with this city is inseparable. Even though it was born and grew up, how little did you say? There seems to be something missing.
I grew up with Hyderabad ..
The development of Hyderabad city has also taken place along with my growth! Such as the high-tech city is not the same as my childhood. Cyber ​​City, Financial Districts, IT Corridor, etc., have made a special place in the world map of IT. I saw a lot of growth. Our Hyderabad is competing against Metro cities. There is an improvement in the development of Metro Politon cities.
Different culture ..
Various culture of hyderabad Nice culture along with the traditional traditions are also combined. Additionally, the cultural influence is visible occasionally as people from different parts of the country are settled here.Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are just one-fifth, while Hyderabad is the only one. Dress Up, Food .. All are special!
Wearing burkha ..
Charminar is one of the best places in the city. Most importantly shopping there. The glory of Ramzan is visible to us at the time of Ramzan. Our friends in Mumbai say Nawabi style. It can be seen there. Night shopping .. Amazing. I’m doing more food joints there. I’m going to go shopping for a burger to avoid me. Burkha helps me shop without unnecessary tents.Shopping along with street food at Charminar is very good.
In college days ..
There is also a favorite place for Hindi films, including Telugu films, that is Hyderabad. The first multiplex prasadas started in the city while I was in college. Watch out for a college with a bunch of friends, watching movies in iMAX, shopping and relaxing, tankbund .. all the good memories.
The Biggest Change … Necklace Road!
The Buddha statue in Hussaingarh is the biggest change of the city to the necklace road around the sagar where the city is renowned. The area in which the city is closely observed in terms of beautification.
My favorite food ..
We had membership in the Nizamclub. It is possible to train different varieties of food. More Important Food Traditional. Biryani is doing very well. Nightlife has changed well now. The nightlife is still very different.Pubs and lounges have grown tremendous.
Including Traditional Food
We have good food. Western cuisines have come in recent times. Healthy food is mostly tired of food. Nightclubs … Ice Cream stores are good at Road No. 2 in Banjara Hills. Bale is a masjid for driving in the night. My mom and I go to the occasional drive. Compared to other cities, Hyderabad Life is relaxing.
This is the same ..
There is nothing in terms of infrastructure but it’s a lot of people’s behavior. Who cares if they do not care about their safety. Unfortunately we all feel nervous. That’s the neglect of what happens. Everybody is a good man but two or three on a two wheeler without a helmet. Riding the jig jog over. The concept of lane cutting is not the same in our city. Who does not know where to turn the car into the sadden. The traffic sense needs to be developed.
Environmental awareness is essential
Hyderabad is well developed. Metro cities have facilities. But we need to be careful in environmental terms. We are experiencing these environmental changes already in the summer. Everybody has to behave responsibly.
Doing movies ..
I am currently doing a Hindi movie. There are talks of some projects in Telugu. The details will be revealed shortly.
Hyderabad safest city is …
Hyderabad is becoming a lot. The girls are also open. Accepting Challenges. But our city is better in terms of security than other cities.The guys do not behave too much. Respect girls. We are the Safe City.
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