Leave Chinmay to leave!

Vadam Bommali Vadalala is the film dialogue yesterday. Today’s real dialogue is Chinmaye. Do you understand The singer was accused of sexually harassing senior actor Radharavy in a muhurth, but it is a burning flame. Singer Chinmayi’s famous lyricist has also accused sexually explicit sexual abuse. However, it has been accused of accusations and denials. There is no cold war between Radaravi and Chinmai, direct war is going on. It is said that if someone is wrong in the affair, one of the accused acts on behalf of each other. The singer and dubbing artist Chinmayi, who has been accused of sexually harassing her, has announced that she will cancel her membership from the South Indian Film and TV Dabbing Artists Association who is the president.

Chinmay has shown that it does not make membership fees for two years. Rangaravi singer Chinmayi was severely hurt by her career. However, he said that he was not a member of the Sangam community and that he is a permanent member of the party and that he would appeal to the court for justice in this affair. Without stopping, Raghavari has been damaging to dishonor. Actor Radharavi is hitting the title of a Malaysian government named Datta before his name. But Gayani Chinmayi uncovered the title of the title. Chinmayi said on her Twitter that she had written a letter to the Malaysian government and that the government responded by saying that the government did not offer such a title. That is why Rapparavai is blaming her. He told a media on Monday that the singer Chinmayi lied about falsehoods. She has accused of lying offenders’ allegations of blackmailing her songwriter. He then came back to me and said that there is nothing to give him except the facts. He said that he would tell the truth about the award of Dutt and that he had all the evidence. In the same way, he said that he did not leave Chinmayi. And see how the war between them is going.

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