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‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’ thanks to the artists who come to the pre-release function and thanks to our mega fans. This platform is very vibrant than I thought, the main reason is your arrival, your screams, and the outdoors. We always want this enthusiasm, “Chiranjeevi said. ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’ directed by Boyapati Sreenu is directed by Ramcharan and Kirea Advani. Davevi is producing this movie on DVVV Entertainments and it will be released on January 11th. Pre release function in Hyderabad

Chiranjeevi said : “The fuel that drives us is your enthusiasm and encouragement. What did someone do to me? What did you earn? One can say that one is Ramcharan and the other two are millions of fans. We really have a lot of coats. But, how long will we be with us? But, from the heart’s depth, it is your favorite that is forever inexhaustible. How would you like to be politically giving some gap and return again? I had a blog. Hit the Super Duper ‘Prison No. 150’ and proved that your favorite was never checked. This function has been completed with the arrival of Katyargari.

We have the same benchmarks .. between the two age age is in any school, do not ask in college .. We are in the assembly at the same time as MLAs. ‘Theatrical’ shooting and then Ramcharan has been discussed. In the movie ‘Govindudu Andarivadale’, a family drama made ‘Modern’ cop in ‘Dhruva’. Now you are doing ‘theater’ in the rural background. What’s missing is that mass. Tell the audience that if we make a mass film to give our fans a kick. Somewhere there’s a line .. called Boyapati Combination.

If you make a film with him, you have to scan the scope to get around the mask. Then comes Boyapati and tells the story of ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’. When I heard the role of the hero, I remember my role in ‘Gangler’. Look at the movie rasesh. He told me that he was told. There are occasions when the film is seen by the movie and sometimes shabash. Charan has done more than what he has done .. Charan has done well on the screen. Devi Sri Prasad is well known for the film ‘Rangathellam’. The need for the Boatyatti is nowhere to be compromised than the other. He wins Vijayalakshmi and Dhanalakshmi.

The success of ‘Vidya Oya Rama’ is the success. Danny is very lucky. This year, ‘Bharat I am’, 2019 is a ‘humorous voice’ of Sankranthi, and the next year is not Rasha’s ‘RRR’ that is not a failure. He had a great chance to come up with no producer. Many of the producers are ‘energetic’ that he can get jealous. In Trivikram direction I will be doing heroine as a hero. Ramchar has set this combination. DANIYAGARI CHARAN I made two movies in a row and I was also laughing (laughing). My wish is to make a film with Trivikram. Our combo comes with a nice movie … I’m looking forward to it too, “he said.

Minister Ketiar said– “For the whole of the Telugu film industry … In the Indian film industry, a giant, a great man … a self-promotion today in the industry … Charan has just told you … as a fond of the sea .. Adults, Good afternoon. Charan Speech is saying that we speak more than what he gave us in speech. Our brother Charan is hitting the hits on this hug. I also came to ‘Dhruva’. Big hit. Outside of ‘Rangazhtalam’ What movie do you look at that beard? Asked. This is a rural setting.

In the film rural background said. I see the movie Anna. After my release, many of my friends said that the film was fantastic. After seeing it .. That’s your career best performance. I have used this film in allies too. Would that be the case? Will this be in the grip? I used everywhere in my speech. Devisri Prasad has also made good music for this film. I do not see these zoner movies. But look for Boyapati. From the Chiranjeevi to the humility, loyalty, the culture and the beauty of the industry, the great blessing of Charan is growing in the industry. There is no kalyan here. I have spoken two to three times. Their political and cinematic career is also going to be successful, “he said.

Ramcharan said , “KetiGaryi’s quest to take up the Chief Minister KCR’s success is very inspiring. Now is the boss anna? Biggas Anala? Megastar anna? Otherwise, you are a brother who is all known as a kiss? It does not know, but it’s me daddy. Thank you for coming to the ‘sirra’ schedules too. ‘Honest Vidya Rama’ means Boi Pattiragaru. Four years ago, the film was said to be the line. ‘Vinaya Vidheya Rama’ is a story written by a well-known film to give everyone a good film. My desire is that every hero must work with him at least once.

Kickey Veraappa who works with him. Trust me The greatest director is the great man. This film is a good memory for me. Devisri Prasad .. We do not know how much music you do for this film but our choreographers broke our knees (laughs). The brand ambassador for big movies My father grew up watching movies like ‘prisoner and gangliter’. It is such a lovely movie. Daddy had all the jons in 1980, like ‘Aishala, Prisoner, Manmadha Raju, Minister of Education’. We have a desire to do that and accept this film, “he said.

Boyapati Seenu said –
”Oh samarthudiki varasatyam .. responsibility for the asamarthudiki weight. Keti Raga as KCR’s successor in politics and Charan Babu as Chiranjeevi’s successor in the film industry is doing well. Charan Babu is the artist who will see after the release of the film. All the audience will be able to watch the movie by handing it over at the heart. ”

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