Janvi was shocked to Arjun Kapoor’s compliments

Aishwarya Tara, Atiloka Sundari Sridevi’s daughter, Janevi Kapoor, will be getting a grand entry into Bollywood. His upcoming movie ‘Dhadak’ will be released soon. They have seen the trailer of the already released trailer. Even though the first film, Janevi has been a great actress and praises to the beauty of the gesture. One of these compliments hits her heart. It was Arjun Kapoor’s elder brother.

‘You have acted in a very honest manner in this film. The heroine is not like you. Leaning in the role. Honestly, you tried to do justice to your role, “said Arjun. Janevi said this appreciation was her best Complimentation. He said he was very happy with this admiration from Arjun. His father Boni Kapoor also praised “Wow, how naturally you acted.” In a recent TV interview, Janevi said that she was very keen on the two’s compilation. Shahrukh Kapoor’s brother Ishaan Khatter played the role of Janevi in ​​Kaga, Dhadak. Fans say that both Janevi and Ishaan are competing and performing Ishaan Kutter’s performance. ‘Dhadak’ is the remake of the Marathi hit movie ‘Cyratt’.

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