‘Jambalakadi Pamba’ Movie Review

‘Jambalakadi Pamba’ starring Srinivasa Reddy after a number of different films like ‘Geetanjali’ and ‘Jayamma Nisyivakirukra’.The film is a picture of Friday. The first hit movie ‘Jambalakudi Pamba’ can not be forgotten by audiences. This is a magic like this. Can the magic be created by Srinivasa Reddy’s film? Just go through ..
Banner : Shivam Selai Lloyds, Mainline Productions
Actors: Srinivas Reddy, Siddhi Itnani, Posani Krishnamuriry, Vennela Kishore, Satyam Rajesh, Dhanraj, Shakalakshan Shankar, Hari Teja, Rajyalalakshmi, Himaja, Kedari Shankar, Madhumani, Zabardathat Apparau, Zabardath Fani and others.
Music: Gopisundar
Camera: Satish Pearls
Art: Rajiv Nair
Co-producer: B.Suresh Reddy
Line producer: Santosh
Directed by JB Muralakrishna (Manu)
Producers: Ravi, JoJo Jose, Srinivasa Reddy.N
Story: Varun (Srinivasa Reddy) works in a software company. He is the eldest son of the village. He loves Pallavi (Siddhi). Adults do not accept their marriage. They get out of the house and get married. But there are small small fragments. Laurar Harischandra Prasad (Posani) is resorted to.He already had 99 divorce. This is the 100th divorce case. Harishchandra Prasad dies in this background. A soul experiences a strange problem as he goes to Spirit. As part of his problem solving, he changes Varun and Pallavi souls. What’s out there What is one of the problems that the couple had to face, the spirit one another? What is the advice of Harishchandra Prasad to change us again? Did a wife eventually get married? It’s interesting.
Plus points
Srinivas Reddy, Siddhi Itnna is acting
Background music
Minus Points
The narrative is poor
Lack of twists
The songs are not impressive
To be stretched
It is true that the couple who stubbornly cross the line for the divorce.Also, some self-help advocates tend to think that it is an opportunity to make money. The roof goes into the ax. It’s a film that says that it’s the one moment that is going to happen. But it’s good to hear the line but the surrounding scenes will test the audience’s patience. The songs do not even appreciate. All the scenes seemed to be like revenge on one another and the desire to destroy one’s other people. Depth is not visible anywhere. There is no twin on both sides. Siddhi worked well with Srinivasa Reddy and Abbai.
Satyam Rajesh’s behavior is natural. The role of Hariteja is good. Vennela Kishore has done well in his range. In many cases comedy was not laughable. When the songs go, they say. When you talk about the issues of the girls, it’s a nice way to get a grip on the screen. The audience is bored with no twists and turns. Fun can be seen once.
Rating: 2/5
Bottom line: Boredom of the ‘Bounce’
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