International social media giants are preparing to face the restrictions

International social media giants are preparing to face the restrictions imposed by the Center to prevent the perpetuation of the country’s sovereignty and sovereignty that is being promoted as a social media platform. The Ministry of Information Technology has set some rules to remove the illegal items in Facebook, Watsap, and Twitter. The information in the social media is to be removed from the social media within 24 hours of being proposed as illegal. We are committed to the integrity of the country, but the international social media companies seem to feel that companies do not want to control the social media. Social media platforms, including Facebook and all the opportunities to legitimize India’s restrictions on social media control,

Why intelligence 
About 50 crore people in India are using the internet. About 30 crore people in the country are using Facebook. Millions of people use Twitter in our country. However, the new government regulations that the central government is intent on intruding on every move of Internet users is believed to be a violation of personal liberty. Internet companies are considering that this is not the right way to control the content of the online community and that the Indian government’s policies are “blind and unequal” in this regard, causing excessive control over citizens and the freedom of expression of individuals.

.. It is not freedom of expression 
, however, the rules aim to secure social media, freedom of expression niyantrincadaniko it, or them, their views are not intended ruddadaniko sahakaryadarsi esgopalakrsnan IT Ministry said. However, Twitter reported that the IT department agreed with the restrictions and opinions of the company. Nikhil Narendran, technology advocate, advocates on social networks that are hanging on the neck of technology companies.

Controls … 
Social media controls are not everywhere uniform. Vietnam has requested social media companies to set up local offices and take care of the data. Social media companies have been pressured by the bill passed in the Australian Parliament to keep the privacy information available to the police. In Germany, it must be ready to pay off fine or not to remove illegal information within 24 hours.

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