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A new feature of the smartphones has attracted consumers over time. Each company launches a storm filling with new features to meet the market competition.Some of these are high budget phones, while others are more available to the common man. One of the three Indians who want to buy a smartphone in this order is a budget smartphone that offers all the features of a budget of Rs 10 to Rs 15,000, according to surveys. Shaawmi phones are in the front line as the most preferred brand of medium-sized customers. The ‘Consumer Lens’ survey has been the most prestigious brand of ‘Shawemy’ Indians. The next line is Samsung brand smartphones.

Xiaomi Is The Most Preferred Brand In India - Sakshi

The survey revealed that for the second time, the majority of people are willing to buy a smartphone with advanced features. However, every three Indian consumers using smartphones are going to buy two high end smartphones. It is also known that they want to buy a phone between 25 – 40 thousand rupees. The OnePlus is in the forefront of the competition for high-budget branded phones, such as Oppo, Vivo, Apple, and Honor.

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