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  • Here is the political leadership vacuum

The late Chief Minister Jayalalithaa has a political stimulus. Actress Veerlakshmi Sharath Kumar is coming to power in politics. Established by the Empowerment Service in the name of Women’s Empathy, the concept has responded to the controversial issues such as the casting couch. The daring and dancing lady is now busy with hand-painted pictures. The heroes of the heroine and the villain do not want to show that they do not like to play the characters.

There are rumors about Varalakshmi too. In love with actor Vishal, one of them is getting married soon. Such a sensational actress acted in Vishal’s heroine and produced the villaini in the Pndemodi 2. Recently Vijay starred in the film Sarkar’s role as a political leader in the role of the villain. Directed by AR Murugadas, the film is directed by Keerthasreesh Katharana. Sarkar will be on the 6th of this month. Actress Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar, who had a meeting with a channel on this occasion, revealed some sensational issues. Let’s see her in her own words.

Q: Pila with Vishal?
A: Actor Vishal is very close to him. We share what matters. But we do not love it. If Vishal is married to any girl, then I will be married to their marriage. I’ll be with those who are happy when Vishal is married. It is not known for such reasoning that I am promoting myself with Vishal. Will most politicians make it? Are asking. I will definitely come to politics. But it will take another five years. It is true that the political leadership vacuum in Tamil Nadu is present. Actors Rajinikanth and Kamalasan are trying to complete it. But will the people rejoice? I have to wait. Jayalalithaa is the best governor.I had a chance to meet her three times. Political motivation was a motivation for me.Not a great ruler, a good educator. The state was a single woman.

Daddy joins the party
There will be another political career in the next five years. My father, Sarath Kumar, invited me to join his party. I disagree. I am not familiar with politics through his party.After the reaching of any party I will reveal. Annadurai’s leaders have spoken words against Rajinikanth, who made comments on the fact that there was a political upheaval in the state earlier. Actress Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar who has recently made such comments have to see what the consequences are.

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