Here’s how much an iPhone costs in different countries

As the word goes, “It costs a kidney to buy an iPhone” and truth it is to a large extent, Apple really charges its customers a lot and saying this is as needless and obvious as it can be. Regardless of the insane amount the premium smartphone maker charges, the demands have been soaring and the craze witnessing a rise with the time passing.

An iPhone is often considered as a status symbol in the modern-age societies and this trend has led to the sky demands rocketing, for the Apple devices even when the prices have risen up drastically. Individuals go on to buy the expensive device, the cost of which doesn’t seem justified sometimes. In India, the cost of the basic model of Apple iPhone X is between Rs. 89,000 and Rs. 1,02,000.

However, there has come an interesting survey that was done to determine as to how much does it take to by an iPhone in different cities. To do this, the working days and average daily wages were taken into consideration and then the number of days it takes to be able to buy an iPhone was calculated.

Here’s the list of cities. Alas, India was not taken into account.

1. Zurich – 4.7 Working Days

2. New York – 6.7 Working Days

3. Auckland – 8.6 Working Days

4. Hong Kong – 9.4 Working Days

5. Munich – 10.1 Working Days

6. London – 11.3 Working Days

7. Helsinki – 11.8 Working Days

8. Tel Aviv – 12.7 Working Days

9. Dubai – 13.4 Working Days

10. Panama City – 18.7 Working Days

11. Johannesburg – 36.4 Working Days

12. Moscow – 37.3 Working Days

13. Beijing – 39.3 Working Days

14. Lima – 48.2 Working Days

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