From today start … Test boxing ‘dhee’

  • Vijay and Rahul
  • Maank Aggarwal made his debut
  • Waiting to be an opener
  • Rohit and Jadeja’s position

Sri Lanka launched the 2018 target of three foreign series winners Players’ bruises, flawed in the final team selection, and batting failures retained each win in South Africa and England. These same flaws are now in the end of the year … between the third series. To avoid even losing it … there is something better enough to win. And what about the Kohli Sena?

The Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) is an unknown attraction. Boxing Day Test starts with a delightful Christmas celebration among thousands of attendees and doubled it. The Hungama will be given a lot of fans for this time with the Potato series. And what is the difference between 1-1 to 2-1?

Will it try to beat the team in the defeat in Perth? Would the Kangaroos say goodbye to their own success in the history of their own history? Let’s see … who’s going to take the beat?


 As expected, the Perth Test defeat resulted in huge modification in the team . Murali Vijay and KEAL Rahul both scored the same for the third Test from Melbourne on Wednesday. Some of the sophistication made it possible for Kohli to play solid cricket in Melbourne. In the wake of these vibes, the Karnataka-run engineer Maank Aggarwal was the debutant. Andhra batsman Hanuma Vihari was responsible for starting an innings. Fifth, Rohit Sharma and Ravindra Jadeja have come to the final of 11. At the same time Australia took the pace bowling all-rounder Michiel Marsh in place of batsman Handscomb. With the game, with the word already warmed already warmed up … ‘boxing day’

He was … they both out 
He gained notoriety as well as the scope of numerous failures, he no longer afford … new kurrallaina India, everytime no hardship eduravanunna Mayank, browser set to dincenduke opener. Rohit Sharma will be replaced by sixth in order to strengthen the batting. Jadezane has been chosen as a specialist spinner despite fierce debate over fitness. Off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin is yet to recover from the rib pain, suspected of fitness hardik pandyalaku pace bowler was not possible. Captain Kohli, Pujara and Rahane Triayame Moeyali are the batsmen’s bats. Both of them survive a huge score. Rohit remained long, Capt Rishabh Pant expect from a good innings. Pacers Ishant, Shami and Bumra are doing well. However, They should also destroy the valuarder as the opponent’s head. Jadeja is the best player in the tournament.

The third batsman, Hanuma Vihari, who is playing in the third Test of his career, is now starting a crucial event in the opening of the Melbourne Open. He has not started an innings in the Ranji Trophy and is now open to opener. In the second Test, Australia’s main paceman Stark faced a sharp knock of balls and possibly wrested this opportunity. The technique and attitude that he has managed to overcome the challenge with good innings is the team manager who has fallen out of the game. Thereby, he becomes a key member of the Test team. If you stand as an opener, rather than the sixth place in the hiatus, you will personally benefit from his career. Let’s hope this will succeed and win.

Aussie … Despite being bothered by strategically 
batting, the host team is playing a specialist batsman handshake except for Michael Marsh. This may be the reason for predictability of pitch pacers. Michelle is also reliable in batting. Opener Aron Finch and Vandoun batsman Usman Khaza and Shaun Marsh have to be back. The pacers are the hardest test for Indian openers to boost sharp balls of Stark, Hazelwood and Communes. No matter how the pitch is, Nathan Lion, who is the wicket-keeper, made a difference between the two teams. The Kohli sailing work is easier if he suffers his rhythm.

► 2 Australia has so far won six Tests … two of them (1977, 1981) came in Melbourne. Overall, India won 12 Tests in Melbourne and lost two in the draw by drawing two.

The pitch, the atmosphere 
ended last year, as the Ashes Test ended in a draw with the ICC slipping the Melbourne pitch. Then the Sheffield Shield matches were similar. Now it seems that there is a pitch life with grass. Four days are fine sunny. This effect is likely to fall on the pitch. The team winning the toss will be the first to bowl.

The final teams are 
India: Mayank Agarwal, Vihari, Pujara, Kohli (captain), Rahane, Rohit, Pant, Jadeja, Shami, Ishant, Bumra.
Australia: Finch, Harris, Khaza, Shaan Marsh, Head, Mishael Marsh, Pine (Captain), Stark, Commans, Lion, Hazelwood.

Morning morning. Sony’s Six, Sony Ten-3 live from 5.00

Batsmen … Play as 
Responsible Batsmen must stand up to the excellent performances of our bowlers. If we do not get better, the bowlers can not do anything. We have plans to face Nathan Lion. I do not want to know what’s outside of the field (pianist with piano). I did not have to tell the outside world that the banner was built like this. It is not my job to know what others think. Because … their views are theirs.
– Indian captain Virat Kohli 

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