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If the mobile screen is broken, most people will suffer. Hmm, now let’s see what a new screen is going to cost. But from now on there is no need for such suffering. The latest Flipkart smart plan has been brought. The same Flipkart Screen Protection Plan. Flipkart will also insure your phone screen under this plan. Flipkart said the screen insurance will start at Rs 150. This bumper plan is provided by Flipkart for those who hope to make it safer for mobile screens. Under this plan, if the screen is damaged, the flipcard will refund 20% of the flat price. This amount is to be credited to the user’s bank account.

How To Get Flipkart Screen Protection Plan
When purchasing a phone through Flipkart, you have to choose buyers’ screen protection plan. This plan will start at Rs 150. This amount may be more expensive depending on the phone price.
Users benefit from both policies. If the phone screen is damaged when using the phone, this plan allows you to refrain or refund the phone. You can get a claim at that time. Cleim progression will go through online.

Getting a claim in the refund process …
Under this, buyers will have to call company numbers 1800 425 5568 or 080-25187326.An email address is called protect@jeeves.co.in. After that you will send a Flipkart self assessment video to your number. Then you have to send the video to the company to remove the broken device that is visible in the IMEI number along with the damaged screen. Then take a look at the company’s self survey report and compare it with what happened before and tell you whether or not you claim it. After that you will be paid cash in your bank account.

Getting Claimed After Referral Processes ….
In this process, the buyer will have to buy company numbers 1800 425 5568 or 080-25187326. Or send your request to the company by email. The company offers details of the Jivas Athracid Service Center based on your area pincode that you provide in the e-mail. Go there and find referee details. If the center says that they are referring to the phone, you have to refresh the phone and pay the refinancing cost. They give you an invoice with the cost of that refrigerator. After that you can call jives and claim a 20 per cent claim or total refiner cost in phone value. Whatever is the least, it will credit the company in your account. If the Jivas Center does not agree to refrain your phone, you can get a claim through a refund.

How does the plan offer, what are the terms?
No talks could be taken to get approval. But in 72 hours cash will be transferred to the customer account. The phone price is calculated based on the invoice. Market price is not in line. Users do not have to pay any amount of cash when receiving a claim.Surprisingly, the company ignores who is using the phone. No need to download any apps for this.

Does the plan apply? 
Other than the screen, however, it does not apply if it is damaged. The plan does not apply to the phone. Damage under the Manfractor Warranty does not come under Screen Protection Plan. Not all the accessories will come under this plan. This insurance coverage is only available for new phones that are purchased on Flipkart. When buying a phone, you need to purchase an insurance plan. There is no provision to buy this plan.

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