Fifa World Cup ended in Group stage fighting

Fifa World Cup ended in Group stage fighting. Defending the old story, the defending champion gained momentum in the German group stage. All-time favorite Brazil, former champions Spain and Argentina crossed the first stage of the tournament. The first two teams in each group reached the knockout. However, the fight in Group-H was interesting. The only African team to reach the first knockout was the 0-1 defeat against Senegal on a 0-1 defeat to Poland. Asian first team reached Japan’s knockout based on the Fare Play Ranking.

Meanwhile, the teams of African teams ended in the World Cup with Senegal’s inevitable. After 36 years in the history of Fifa, another worst record in the African teams’ account. After the 1982 Fifa World Cup, no single African team was able to get out of the tournament without getting to the second round again. Since the 1982 tournament, every African team has qualified for the second round in every FIFA World Cup. But this time it does not.

The World Cup was awarded to Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Nigeria and Senegal from Africa. In Egypt, Morocco, which has come up with a number of assessments, has deeply disappointed. Tunisia was impressed with a nominal performance. Nevertheless, the loss of final matches in Nigeria’s, Senegal, Nacate, failed to win.

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