Fans fire on ashika

Some heroines are going to get into trouble. Trying to get a free campaign with controversial comments and get in queue. This is the case with the rising actress Ashika. Recently, Vimu Arrail Murattu Kuthu is a popular movie starring Vipu Arayilu Murattu Kuthu and has recently appeared on the Bigbas-2 game show and has been accused of wearing shirts. The love masala with actor Mahat once again led to the scandal. Asha, who has earned so much popularity, is now receiving several film opportunities.

The seller who recently participated in a program has been booked in a dispute by an autograph on the rupee note. It is the latest movie starring Sun Movie fanatics. This sensational actress replied to fans’ questions via Twitter. One of the fans asked me if you liked the actor Surya, but he was once again caught in controversy by posting Surya’s photo and asking him to marry him. Surya fans are scared of Ashika’s comments. Even the actress jyoti fans are angry.

“Ashiqah does not know the actor who is married to Surya,” says Ashika, who says that “the sun and the pair of the two have children and know how to marry the sun”. If something went wrong, something happened.

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