‘Enjoy the fun and cheerful emotion’ Praise for film personalities for ‘Sanju’


The movie ‘Sanju’ is based on the life of senior actor Sanjay Dutt. Ranbir Kapoor appeared in Sanjay’s role. Rajkumar Hirani directed the film. Vidhu Vinod Chopra is the producer.Vicky Kaushal, Manisha Koirala, Sonam Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Dia Mirza, Tabu, Shyaji Shinde are the lead actors. The film was released on Friday and shared the views of the filmmakers as a social media platform. Congratulating the film is amazing. Karan Johar, Boman Irani, Dhanush, Manjima Mohan and Harish Shankar are among those who have made tweets.

* Karan Johar: ‘This is the latest film No. 1. Ranbir is a great actor.He was a gift to the film industry. How well did you play Vicky Kaushal is coming up with a nice star. There is nothing much that this talented actor can not do. Acting in the role of an emotional friend and trapped me. Super .. Congratulations to the whole film team.

* Boman Irani: ‘Every person (Rajkumar Hirani) is giving us a nice picture for every three years. This is the fifth film of the last 15 years. The king has taken a long time and it’s a reward for it. ”

* Dhanush: What about ‘Sanju’? .. Rajkumar Hirani is what will you do every time? MindBlue .. laughs, cried. Ranbir Nee is my Big Big Hug. Hirani Sir .. Once again I am happy to come out of the theater with the best person. ”

* Manjima Mohan: It is not known that the story of ‘information as’ will destroy a person’s life. ‘Sanju’ is definitely to watch. Hyatsaph ‘.

* Harish Shankar: ‘Sanju’ is another milestone in the film industry.Ranbir Kapoor first competed with director Rajkumar Hirani for the first time.

* Sunidhi Chauhan: ‘Sanju’ is the perfect film to watch. Thank you to Ranbir and Rajkumar who gave us this beautiful feeling. Your honor has increased.

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