Effective Tips That Increase Heat In The Body

Naturally, in any body, it is hot in the body. When the outside goes away, the body does not drink any liquid. The result is a sunny blow. Whether there are many unhealthy foods or spicy foods, you can get hot in the body while eating alcohol. This leads to rash and rash on the body. Some places will cause lumps. Some people have a burn in the urine. Some people get blood from the noses. This means that many people have problems in many ways. However, if you have a lot of tips, you can cut your body’s heat. Let’s now learn what those tips are.

1. Take a teaspoon of coriander powder and add half a teaspoon of sugar in the morning to get the heat in the body.

2. Vitamin C high in the body can be used to reduce the heat in the body.

3. Take the butter-made buttermilk butter to the heat.

4. Drinking cold water from time to time will help relieve body heat.

5. Drinking coconut water two or three times a day can reduce the heat in the body.

6. Lemon juice and salt in turmeric butter milk will reduce the heat in the body.

7. Eating watermelon increases the heat in the body very quickly.

8. A spoon should be taken every day in some form. This may not be hot.

9. A glass scratch of honey in a warm milk can be avoided by a hot drink.

10. Coconut oil and olive oil are good in recipes. They do not cause heat in the body.

11. Early morning pomegranate juice is cold when the body is cold. The heat will not reach.

12. Sleeps work well to cool the body. The powder is mixed in milk and is relieved.

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