Do you know the amazing benefits of aude oil?

Mustard plays a vital role in the cooking food of our Indians. These are part of the pump nuts. Cabbage mustard seeds are perfect when cooked in a variety of curries. They have a good smell of taste and taste. There are many medicinal properties that can benefit us in health benefits. We also have many advantages as well. Let’s see now.

1. Allergy works effectively in the body to dissolve fat in the body. Fat cells will destroy the aude oil. Also, the body does not absorb fat. It also increases body metabolism. This reduces weight loss. So let all the oil be part of the daily diet.

2. Allergens are good medicine for those suffering from respiratory problems such as cough, cold and asthma. Massage the chest on the chest is relieved from those problems. But before doing so, mustard oil should be heated slightly.

3. If you have problems with thyroid and urinary tract, then they have the advantage. Also, those who have infections in the gastrointestinal tract, the intestines of the gastrointestinal tract, the bacteria and viruses will be lost and health.

Take a little oil and add a little lemon juice and half a paste and put it on the face. Take a while for a while. By doing this, the face takes light. The spots on the face will be lost.

5. Allergy works well to remove the spots on the skin. If the lemon juice and alludes are written in spots and bruises, the result is the result.

6. Beetroot juice, azale oil are added to the lips and lips to reduce the fractures. The lips become red too.

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