‘C / o Kancharapalem’ Movie Review

Title: C / o Crane
Zoner: Drama
Cast: Subba Rao, Radha Bessie, Kesava Curry, Nithya Sri, Karthik Ratnam, Vijaya Praveena, Mohan Bhagat, Pranita Patnaik
Music: Receive Agastya
Directed by Venkatesh Maha
Producer: Vijaya Praveena Paruchuri
Submission: Rana Daggubati

For some time the Telugu audience’s passion is changing. Audiences are enjoying the realistic films of the film aside from routine commercial films. Unlike the unnecessary builds, heroism and action, there is a lot of popularity among the films that appear in society. Another realistic movie ‘C / o Kancharapalem’ is coming up in the same direction. Venkatesh is the director of the film directed by Vijay Praveena Paruchuri and directed by C / o. Young hero Rana Daggubati came forward to release the film in Kancharapalem village. C / o Kancharapalem became the hot topic in Tollywood. What is the audience who has already appreciated the filmmakers?

This is a four-story love story in four categories of age. Sundaram (Kesava Karri) is a school kid. She is very fond of her kalsetet Sunitha (Nithya Sri). A friend is trying to talk with Sunni with help. Joseph (Karthik gem) Teenage boy. Strike and settled in a gym, Joseph loves the Brahmin girl, Bhuvaneswari (Pranita Patnaik), who is introduced by a clash. The chin (Mohan Bhagat) is a boy working in a wine shop. In the shop, she loves to watch a salute Salimah (Successful Paruccuri).

Raja (Subba Rao) Attendant at a Government Office. As long as the 49-year-old is still married, the king speaks differently about the king. At the same time he falls in love with Odisha’s Radha (Radha Bessie) who came to the office on a transaction from Orissa. Radha, who lives long after her husband’s death, wants to marry the king. The four love stories that started out in this film have caused some twists in their lives.What is the relationship between these four couples? How are their stories finally ended? Ann is the story of the Karef Kancarapapam.

The director of Venkatesh, who has taken the lives of a village in a village, did not try to show a cinematic somewhere. He tried to make the movie completely clear. How the characters behave, as well as on the screen, as well as on the screen. At the same time, the distinctions in society and the differences of caste differences showed their consequences. Comedy scenes from comedy actors have not been hacked by comedy scenes for commercial calculations. That is why the viewer has spent a lot of time with the people in Cuddalore. The director who slowly took the lead in the first half of the lead led to a slow story. The director, who led the four stories parallel, shocked the audience with a climax twist.

The film will give good marks in terms of production. Producer’s work will be visible in each fridge to give an excellent outstation amongst his limits. Live recording provided quality sound without audio disturbance. Cinematography is another set of Azhar Varun and Aditiya. The cranial atmosphere is separated by personalities in frames. The recipient of the receiver’s music has increased the level of music. To see how the film looks to the audience who love commercial films, as the film is all about offbeat.

As many as 52 new stars have come in contact with actors. Makeup, colorful costumes, and looks naturally on the screen. But there is a new drama when they are all new and they seem to be dramatic in their performance. ‘C / o Kancharapalem’, which is experimentally different from the routine commercials, has already been applauded by film personalities.

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