Air transforms into power

Nowadays everything is going to be smart. TV, fridge, and watches are all connected to the net. And if there is a battery in each of them, think about how to charge them. To address this issue, Israeli company William launched an innovative technology. The battery is made without a microchip that works with Bluetooth technology. The thickness of the paper thickness, the postal stamp size of this microchip can detect temperatures. That information can be sent by up to three meters through Bluetooth technology.

This will acquire the power from the entire WiFi, Bluetooth and cell signals. This kind of microchips are expected to be reused by the radiation that comes from cellphone signals. In a recent show, it is reported that the leading companies like Samsung and Amazon are investing in William. Visiting CEO Tal Thamir said that the gadgets that are not yet connected to the net can be connected through this new microchip.

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