30 lakh new jobs in four years

THE Country’s logistics sector will play a key role in employment generation.Human resource company ‘Tameleigh’ estimates that over 30 lakh jobs will be available in the next four years. The GST’s implementation and investment in infrastructure are likely to contribute to job creation. According to this ..

These new jobs can be done in seven sub-sectors – road transport, rail transport, warehousing (warehouses), waterways, air freight, packaging and courier services. With this, the number of jobs currently in the logistics sector at 1.09 crore will be increased by 2022 to 1.39 crore by 2022.
There are 18.9 lakh jobs in road transport, 40,000 jobs in rail transport, 4,00,000 jobs in air transportation, and 4,50,000 jobs in waterways.
► Infrastructure designation, government investments of Rs 6 lakh crore and various GST operations are due to logistics growth.
► Technology has a serious effect on the logistics sector. This may require some new skills. At the same level, many job cuts will be cut.

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